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Multi-Sport Simulator

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Formula 1 | NASCAR Racing

Casino Games &

Oculus Go

Touch Tunes & Photo Booth

Multi-Sport Simulator

Located in the main bay is a 96" screen that is guaranteed to challenge your skills. You can participate in Golf, Race car driving or 12 different Laser Games in this zone


Formula 1 Race Room

Located on the High Rise Level, this space is dedicated to the race enthusiast. You can race side by side and the winner advances to the big screen. This zone features two 458 Ferrari steering wheels, 55" flat screen, two luxury race chairs and a jacked up sound system to immerse you into the game.


Casino Games & Oculus Go

Play the classic casino games such as Poker, Roulette & Craps.

All Casino Games played within Mobile Entertainment Venue have no cash value. 

Oculus Go is an all-in-one virtual reality headset.

Go virtually everywhere!


Touch Tunes & Photo Booth

Capture the moment and send it directly to your device while playing your favorite tunes...


A Picture says 1000 words!!

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